FM18 – Journeyman Worldwide – EP39 – Cerro Largo Uruguay – South America – Football Manager 2018

We continue the FM18 Journeyman with a trip to Uruguay at Cerro Largo in the Primera Division, we are a small team in Melo, we are up against it, but its great finally managing in a good league. lets go and win the Primera division (might take a few years) in Football Manager 2018.

Big signings should help us push for promotion! . A new season, we kept our job and now we have a good chance of fighting for promotion in the Segunda division

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36 respuestas a FM18 – Journeyman Worldwide – EP39 – Cerro Largo Uruguay – South America – Football Manager 2018

  1. George Rockey dijo:

    I’ve watched hundreds of these episodes and it’s taken me until just now to see the W has been turned into some titties. Well played…

  2. Julius Zondag dijo:

    The tactic totally looks like a sword, just what you need to slice all of these uber defensive teams open

  3. Brian 'Herrbear' Brumby dijo:

    Great intro.

  4. Sam Sheffield dijo:

    why is this video age restricted can u sort it out plz I really want to watch and I'm not watching any of the journeyman until u ir youtube take it off age restricted plz thank u

  5. Michael dijo:

    Best intro ever!!!!

  6. Vysian dijo:

    That tactic should be named the Prince Albert. 😉

  7. ChillLoopSounds dijo:

    Man smokes PUKKKAAAA

  8. EzyZet dijo:

    Great intro!

  9. Ferdinand Gould dijo:

    Fuck me I wonder why this got demonetised eh? Loving it mate, keep it up

  10. ReLLaKaT dijo:

    Love the intro brooooooo

  11. gibbo dijo:

    u cant call him james may hes got 13 pace

  12. Billzy TV dijo:

    F### ME that intro made me laugh!!!

    Intro > Transfers > The Result > Match 🙂

  13. LADY BOi dijo:


  14. Ray Lewis dijo:

    The video got age restricted 😂😂

  15. Hugo Boss Wood dijo:

    That intro 😂😂😂 fantastic series is this made me start my own journeyman which I’ve not done for years! Really enjoyed all your content and it keeps me entertained during the working day! I’m currently managing Shanghai Shenxin after a similar problem you had with the dynamics after i won Malaysian fa cup with Sarawak FC. Keep up the great work Loki!

  16. Rye United dijo:

    Surely Apud has to be Max Spuds?

  17. Bogdan Simion dijo:

    End team talk! End team talk! End team talk! End team talk! End team talk! End team talk! End team talk! End team talk! End team talk! End team talk! End team talk! End team talk! End team talk! End team talk! 🙂

  18. Curly Doobie dijo:

    Cooking dinner again baby?

  19. Lee Keeling dijo:

    Brilliant as always, nearly 400 passes more than the opposition #areyoubarcaindisguise

  20. NickOMG dijo:

    Are u smoking irl?

  21. Chris Dutton dijo:

    Somebody’s video is gonna get de-moneytized but I reckon worth it.

  22. har_ mar dijo:

    Being flagged as inappropriate, what the fuck are these youtube cunts smerking 😂

  23. Greg B dijo:

    Hilarious intro 🙂

  24. NovaNox dijo:

    "They are playing 4-1-4-1 like girls" Loki while playing the 4-1-2-2-1 phallic-formation . lol

  25. Hazzatazza dijo:

    Found your channel 3 days ago, loving the videos but I've finally caught up with the Journeyman series, so no more binge-watching 🙁 Luckily you just started your Altrincham series which I've enjoyed the first few episodes of and now I'm off to watch your Villa series, can't wait to start that supposed shitshow ;p

  26. The Tiny dijo:

    Canadian Soccer Club being your nemesis after your refusal to sign any Canadians for so long, brings me joy.
    Karma has a funny way of dealing with haters 🙂

  27. Sherman Yeow dijo:

    The fire alarm ring in my flat after watching that intro =X

  28. Andrezino 15 dijo:

    An age restricted video… My first on YouTUBE, well done Loki.

  29. lolfunacount dijo:

    Mhm, maybe call the new formation "The Sword" or something similar(kinda look like one).
    Based on the intro, we can call him now "Big Smoke". Tactic Suggestion: He should play with two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda xD

  30. Samuel dijo:

    The tactic is ´the dagger¨

  31. Jack Currie dijo:

    liked instantly for the green 😉

  32. Darry Lips dijo:

    Wow Half Backs at this level is hard to find….great spot and signing

  33. Nach dijo:

    There aren't any full backs in Uruguay, just take look at our national team.
    Btw I'm the Nacional fan who loves the facts

  34. Tenacious Gee dijo:

    Goal of the season that!

  35. Xtreme Gaming dijo:

    Age Restricted????Why??? Maybe next time no smoking weed every day

  36. Teun Vogels dijo:

    Monetization station! I was wondering why the video wouldn't load. "Might be inappropriate for some viewers" lol

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