FM18 – Journeyman Worldwide – EP72 – River Plate Uruguay – vs Corinthians – Football Manager 2018

We continue the FM18 Journeyman with a trip to Uruguay at River Plate in the Primera Division, we are in the capital city Montevideo, a good young side and now winners of the intermedio and Primera league double champions. we finally achieved something on football manager 2018 🙂

can we go on to do well in the Copa Libertadores this year? we have also loaded a bunch of European countries or we might end up in china or australia or Brazil. who knows

Today we take on the mighty Gremio from Corinthians in the Copa Libertadores knockout rounds

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40 respuestas a FM18 – Journeyman Worldwide – EP72 – River Plate Uruguay – vs Corinthians – Football Manager 2018

  1. heitorzin yE dijo:

    Vai Corinthiana porra

  2. Julius Zondag dijo:

    River Plate did amazingly well! I was expecting a thrashing vs first Gremio and then Corinthians but that was very respectable

  3. Martijn Kösters dijo:

    Heads held high!

  4. Grant Corrigan dijo:

    "It's Alright, one from the training grou- Oh!! For Fuck Sake!!!!" 😂😂 Love it Loki!!

  5. Chris Dutton dijo:

    The a-league season starts in October

  6. Bert Bertsonson dijo:

    The Australian league is mental. I managed to mess up buying players so badly that I could only register about 6 players due to the wage cap. I just instantly resigned and ran all the way to Finland to manager HJK 😉

  7. Brage Erikstad dijo:

    Go to Norway!

  8. LKBeatbox dijo:

    Yeah bro, I'm sorry for your loss. I'm happy for Corinthians though. Nice try my friend. I'd love to see you here in Corinthians, as I said before.

  9. dec1778 dijo:

    When you go to your next club, take Herbert and Nunez

  10. Nach dijo:

    You're still the favourite for Nacional job…

  11. dec1778 dijo:

    Best cup run ever in Loki's channel

  12. Triantalex dijo:

    RIP in Peace :'(

  13. Luís Maia dijo:

    This series is getting so good! The hype is crescent in each video, it feels like a proper tv show! I'm really loving the series, as they bring something unique that is training in South America mixed with a lot of adrenaline! Keep it up Loki 🙂

  14. Dean Irebodd dijo:


    The only professional club in NZ would be a great place to try win a title.

  15. Max_Geoguessr dijo:

    You should try and get to a top club in Brazil or Argentina and try and win the Liberbeberdores. If you really have to go to Europe Belgium would be awesome, who doesn't love some strange league rules eh

  16. RB141HD dijo:

    K League job available, maybe worth a look? Easy way into Asian Champions League/China

  17. universalgleam dijo:

    That’s enough disappointment for one day CTID. And if you dont sign Nunez that’ll be 3 in a week, dont do it to me Loki. Oh and 16 points clear.

  18. NytStalker dijo:

    Nothing to be ashamed of, thats like taking a team like SC Braga to the Quarter finals of the champions league

  19. Yeah Bee dijo:

    why are you looking at Australia? seems like a step down…

  20. Elvishly dijo:

    Not Wigan…

  21. Bdhd Dhdhd dijo:

    Leave Uruguay.

  22. Jarne Joseph dijo:

    The Belgian league is a very special league first there are 16 teams how plays 2 times against each other. Than the first 6 play for the title with the half of there points from the earlier stage. Position 7 till 15 and 3 teams of the second division play Play-off II they play in to groups the winner of the 2 groups play against each other for the Play-off II final. The winner plays against number 4 or 5 (depends on the winner of the Belgian Cup) for the last ticket to the europa league. Number 16 is relegated. I am Belgian, I am a supporter of Club Brugge and hate the system because at the beginning of the champions play off you lose the half of your points. So my team lost 3 titels because of this. I should say to change to a normal league

  23. Daniel Jordan dijo:

    Norway could be a interesting place to go.

  24. Paul Mascall dijo:

    Genuinely love watching your videos Loki. Always cheers me up when it’s most needed. Thank you

  25. Izack Torres dijo:

    VAI CORINTHIANS !! <3 <3

  26. Frank Robert Skogstad dijo:

    Oooh, Rosenborg job "very insecure". Three star reputation, should be spot on for your rep! And secure finances, for your pro(?) licence ;D Would love it if you went there, local Prem club for me. Going to buy you a beanie hat if you go there! :')

  27. Tuur Schepers dijo:

    Go to belgium please!

  28. Sergio Junior dijo:

    Nice effort, Doki! It was hard supporting against my team, but I really wanted for you to go on. Curious to see your next move now…go to China and sign Nunez for 10 millions in a super 5-year contract, make him, River Plate and you all rich!

  29. Northhax dijo:

    Finish the season out then resign, you'll increase your rep as your pretty much guaranteed the title again. Then go top division Brazil if you can before Europe

  30. Matt Y dijo:

    Heavy favourite for club national 😉

  31. Mark Petersen dijo:

    Go to Denmark pls!
    My home country!!!
    We got a new “kinda” weird league system

  32. Kieran dijo:

    You're only in September which is when most leagues have just started so I'd say to just finish the season with River Plate, then resign, like you said you're basing it off of real life and you would never quit the River Plate job right now!

  33. Ralph De Coninck dijo:

    Please go belgium i can explain league system its actually quite exciting

  34. Yasser Rahman Chennai Real Estate dijo:

    Finish the season and then resign. It will look better on your CV. No one wants a quiter.

  35. Joachim Thomsen dijo:

    No interest in the Norwegian clubs? They're winterstarters I think…

  36. egegezici dijo:

    go to china loki and u can take nunez to there as well

  37. juuso tauriainen dijo:

    Well played River plate! The reason I'd like to see you in Brazil is the continuum. You've climbed from uruguay B to champions of Uruguay, now the next step is winning the Libertadores. 🙂

  38. Mike Roach dijo:

    It's only just gone September in the game so a load of leagues would have only just started their seasons so doubt they'll have any decent teams looking for managers. Maybe around November December time you might see some tasty opportunities.

  39. Joe Mc dijo:

    God there were so many wasted chances 😓

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